Why businesses in Nigeria need digital marketing 

Why businesses in Nigeria need digital marketing 

Why businesses in Nigeria need digital marketing 


Thousands of Nigerian companies have already understood the importance of Digital Marketing and the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has further accelerated a digital Transformation mindset. With the fast-rising adaption of digitization by businesses, digital marketing becomes imperatives for businesses of all sizes. Digital Marketing can contribute to the development of every Nigerian business. Though a lot of people may be overwhelmed or do not know how to go about it, lots keep asking about the value of digital marketing on their businesses. This article is here to help, we will reveal 6 points that explain why businesses in Nigeria need digital marketing.

Why businesses in Nigeria need digital marketing 

1. Ensure a strong presence on the internet

When you have a problem or a question, what do you do? If your answer is: I search Google, know that you are not alone.

Google is the largest search engine in the world. A good investment in Digital Marketing can enhance your digital presence and make you easily found on Google or other search engines pr social media. This increases the number of people who become aware of your business and this is done at a very low cost compared to other means of creating awareness.

Having a digital presence today is critical. And if the customer is looking for the kind of products or services you offer and your company does not appear in the search, the chances of them knowing about you and your product or services is very high.

Of course, the digital presence goes beyond search engines and social networks. A website with your own domain is the minimum that your company needs to have a good digital presence. Fortunately these days in Nigeria you can get a website built with very little money or based on your budget with services like socializer.

2. Build a qualified audience

How do you relate to your audience today? Do you know who your customers are? what they really want? their behaviors?

Another important need for  Digital Marketing is that you can build an audience that really wants to consume your product/solution and relate with them the way they want to be related to. Digital Marketing allows you to attract people who are really interested in your product or services. In addition, you can engage with this audience, whether through emails, newsletters, or even followers on social networks. Over time, this audience will become a very cost-effective asset for the business.

3. Engage with the right audience at the right time

In the topic above, we talked about building the right audience. However, Digital Marketing makes it possible to go beyond, by not only building the right audience but communicate with them at the right time. Unlike offline marketing, where it is often impossible to pinpoint exactly which audience you are communicating with, Digital Marketing enables a much more precise level of communication or engagement through the proper use of segmentation for your audience. It is also possible to create more than one audience and segment communication for each type of audience. So, you can target the people you want to advertise a product, service, or content to in a very specific way that suits them. This allows you to further customize your messaging and marketing campaigns for individuals in each segment. Still, wondering Why business in Nigeria needs digital marketing? Read on.

Why businesses in Nigeria need digital marketing 

4. Get ahead of the competition

Your business can differentiate itself from the competition with the creation of good content that helps your customers in solving their problems. Imagine that you are looking for a solution to a problem and looking for information. So, which company do you trust more: a company that has a good website, active social media accounts, and a blog with free and valuable content or a company that has none of that?

5. Affordable

Affordability is perhaps one of the most important reasons Why business in Nigeria needs digital marketing, most businesses want to save cost. We are not implying that Digital Marketing is free or easy. It is not. However, with the social tools available today or using services like socializer,  any business in Nigeria can be on the way to having more visibility online and attracting more customers without breaking the bank. Over time, the price for offline marketing ended up being high. Advertising on television, radio, in print, or on billboards is expensive and most businesses cannot afford it or sustain it. Digital Marketing, while requiring a minimum investment, can be much cheaper than offline marketing.

6. Analyse results with accuracy

As we said above, Digital Marketing allows you to determine much more precisely who your audience are and what they really want. Likewise, it is possible to measure and analyze the performance of any digital marketing action, message, or campaign.

Let’s use as an example a printed Flyer and an Email Marketing campaign. In the case of flyers, you know how many pieces you have printed, but you cannot know exactly how many were delivered, how many were actually read, and how many generated sales for your company. However, with emails, you can have the exact number of people who opened your email, how many clicked on a link, and even how many made a purchase through your email newsletter. The example is not limited to this type of campaign. You can monitor users’ behavior on your site with extreme precision, the performance of ads on Google, the results of a post on social media, the referral path of the user until he becomes a customer, and much more. In this respect, web analytics tools help a lot when measuring the smallest details.

These are few points to consider, in our next version of this topic, we will state more in-depth reasons why business in Nigeria needs digital marketing.

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